Email Cloud FAQ

Question 1 -- Mail Terms

A Domain Name:

A domain name is essentially a signpost on the Internet. Almost every website you've ever been to, and every email you've ever composed, has used a domain name in its address.

An MX Record:

Mail Exchange Records create a mail route for a domain name. A domain name can have multiple mail routes, each assigned a priority number. When you setup emailcloud you will point your MX records to:

Priority 10 =
Priority 20 =
Priority 30 =
Priority 40 =
Priority 50 =
Priority 60 =
Priority 70 =

The SMTP Protocol:

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP is used to transfer e-mail between computers.

An SMTP / Mail Server:

A computer that forwards Internet email messages using the SMTP protocol. In the case of emailcloud we refer to the SMTP server as the server that is used for outbound email delivery.


A POP3 server receives and stores e-mail messages on behalf of its users. Its users can connect to the server using Internet/intranet clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.


Spam is the term widely used for unsolicited e-mail; spam is also referred to as junk mail.

Question 2 -- If I add an address to be blacklisted – does removing from the list remove all blocking for this address?

Black list and White lists are exactly as they sound. Any item in the White List is allowed through without molestation, any item in the Black List is blocked. The only exception to this is Virus and Attachment blocking, which is dealt with in the relevant sections of the settings.

Question 3 -- If I release spam from the system – why does it still show in the search list?

Spam that is received by the system will continue to be displayed until it is expired. To allow you to understand which emails you still need to deal with, the spam list identifies emails that have already been released by highlighting them with a different colour.

Contact the Support department:

If you need to contact the emailcloud technical support team please send an email to or call 0845 130 5523.