Emailcloud is a world leader in hosted messaging services. We have extensive experience in providing hosted email services to businesses all around the world. Our four flagship services are:

emailcloud Spam and Virus protection

emailcloud Spam and Virus protection is our flagship service and is being used by over 1,400 businesses around the world. The service works by filtering your email before you download it, thus saving you the time, bandwidth and hassle of dealing with your spam emails. The service is run from a cloud of servers which are located in multiple datacentres around the world. The service is compatible with all mail servers including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and sendmail...more information.

emailcloud Business Continuity

A reliable email is critical, and the last thing you should have to worry about during an IT outage. The emailcloud Business Continuity service takes a copy of all your inbound, outbound and intercompany email and holds it in a cloud based archive that you can access in emergencies. We hold a rolling 30 day archive of all email, allowing your email users to conduct business when the IT team are dealing with the issue...more information.

emailcloud Backup MX service

What happens to your email when your email server is down? In most cases it is held by the senders email server but in many cases it is bounced and lost forever. The emailcloud Backup MX service will prevent this by holding your email when your email server us unavailable. Using our service you can ensure that your email is never lost or delayed. Clients will not receive confusing bounce or delay messages. Our service will then automatically forward any stored email to you as soon as we detect your server is back on-line.