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Services that add value


Spam is a huge problem and your clients will thank you for cutting this down.


Viruse outbreaks can close a company, emailcloud can help you to protect your clients.


Email is mission critical, emailcloud will ensure fast and effective email receipt.


We back our partners with 24hr Support, monitoring and protection.


Account management made easy

Giving your clients access to our service is a pain free exercise. We use a variety of systems that allow you to manage your clients including a Partner Control Panel and a XML interface that can link to your own internal account management system.

We are committed to channel

emailcloud is 100% committed to the channel. All of our services are built to be channel-friendly and using them you can deliver cost-effective, industry-leading security and increase your role as a trusted advisor.

What our partners are saying:


“Our subscribers are constantly at risk from computer viruses," said Richard Coker, Managing Director at Wyenet. "Our partnership with emailcloud provides a compelling application to add to our growing SME offering. The emailcloud service gives our subscribers the protection they need and want, while providing Wyenet with an additional opportunity to upsell services and generate additional revenue.

Custom Computer Services Ltd "The emailcloud service is quite possibly the best thing to happen to email in the fight against spam. We get a lot of outside email, to put it mildly...It is definitely a challenge to keep the bad emails out and the good ones coming in. emailcloud has done an amazing job of keeping false positives to almost ZERO!! The technical support is amazing, the features are extremely customizable, and we couldn't be happier!"