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Reliable Control


emailcloud is available continuously and safely, even during major activity peaks or global virus outbreaks.


Total fallover protection ensures service continuity and performance


Fast and effective email receipt, with no noticeable delay during peak times.


24hr Support, monitoring and protection to your network, wherever you are.


emailcloud's advanced algorithims lear intelegently to constantly predict and protect agains threats of the future.


What is Cloud Computing?

emailcloud uses worldwide datacentres to provide the massive power needed to run and scale it's service. Instead of using the limited power of simple application servers to complete each processing task, emailcloud directs this cloud of global datacenters to instantly respond to increasing and decreading traffic flow on a worldwide scale, allowing users to receive a premium service, no matter when, where or how much email is being processed.

By doing all of the work away from user networks, emailcloud frees your email servers to run smoothly, dedicated to useful activity regardless of internet email traffic levels.

Worldwide Presence, Local Service

emailcloud uses cloud power to provide infrastructure for highy accurate and intensive scanning. Global datacentres instantly filter and deliver your email to your mail server.

Our advanced technology, 24hr support and friendly customer service make it easy to respond to your needs quickly and effectively, wherever you are.

Our Technology

Our mathematical fingerprinting technology generates an information fingerprint to represent and identify sensitive data, regardless of context or distribution mechanism. Unlike simple hash or even partial matching methods, emailcloud's advanced algorithms use highly granular data matching techniques, and no initial modification or tagging of original data is required. emailcloud is optimised for real time applications, and is secure against reverse engineering or data manipulation by embedding protected data in alternative file formats.

Peace of Mind

emailcloud delivers only clean and solicited mail to your network, whilst securely and confidentially handling your data. Our network infrastructure is reliable and scalable, ensuring consistent high performance and reduced load on your own infrastructure capacity. emailcloud gives each user complete control over their mail, with tailored filter settings, individual user filter reports and extendable quarantine periods.