1. We charge on a per user basis, not on a per email address basis (so you only pay licences for the number of email users and not for the number of email addresses).
  2. Our service also allows unlimited can add all your domains to the service but you only need to pay for the users.
  3. We do not charge for setup...there are no setup or provisioning fees!

Control at your fingertips


our patented filtering technology easily handles all email, including inbound messages from hotmail, yahoo and other free web-based systems.


emailcloud sends a daily or hourly report to each user, detailing spam levels, quarantined mail, spammer identities and release action.


emailcloud’s massive processing power stores quarantined messages for 6 months as standard.


emailcloud is compatible with both SMTP and POP service.


Why choose emailcloud?

emailcloud's huge processing power performs the most advanced spam and virus scanning service available today. The service will stop the most sophisticated spam, malware and viruses outbreakes.

Highly scalable, emailcloud handles any surge in local or global spam activity with precision, delivering no false positives and holding your quarantined mail for an unprecedented 6 months.

emailcloud delivers a premium service to businesses, saving time, cost and worry. Aiding compliance and security procedures, emailcloud is an integral part of your organisation's communication.