Acceptable Usage Policy

Sending unsolicited mail messages (spam) is explicitly prohibited - this policy includes any volume of unsolicited mail however large or small. This activity uses excessive resources, incurs great cost and annoys other users and recipients - we are strictly against this in any form - as a guide to this (but not limited to):

  1. You must ensure that all people you send to are fully 'opt-in', have consented to receive emails from you and are therefore specifically 'expecting' to receive emails from you.
  2. We typically do not recommend you 'buy' email lists as the recipients would rarely be specifically 'expecting' to receive emails from 'you' and this is likely to generate spam complaints.
  3. You should not use anything (software or companies) that automatically generate email lists by 'harvesting' email addresses from the Internet / web sites.
  4. We do not recommend you use 'old' data / mailing lists as this can result in spam complaints from recipients may have forgotten who you are and / or are no longer expecting to receive emails from you.
  5. We have a limit of 50 recipients per single message - we certainly 'recommend' that emails are sent as one email message per recipient.
  6. Single messages with a large number of recipients (i.e. on the Bcc: line) as these are far less likely to be deliverable and more likely to generate spam complaints as the recipient may not recognise the email is from you.
  7. You must ensure your email 'from' / 'return to' / 'reply to' (sender) address(es) are valid and you must be able to receive email to that address. The email server you use for your incoming mail must accept 'mailer daemon' (delivery status) messages so we can notify you of any delivery problems.
  8. You must ensure your email 'to' (recipient) addresses are valid - accounts that send a large number of emails to invalid email addresses waste excessive resources and increase the risk of our servers being blocked / blacklisted.
  9. Email message headers / envelopes must not be missing, malformed or forged and message subject lines must not contain false or misleading information.
  10. If sending to a mailing / distribution list (or the same message to a large number of recipients) you must include a working 'unsubscribe' link or Internet based method to process any unsubscribe requests (a telephone / postal based method is not sufficient). Any removal requests should be processed within 7 days and (if at all possible) before sending out another mailing to avoid / minimise the risk of complaints.
  11. If you do receive any spam complaints the receipient should be removed from your mailing list. If you believe the complaint was an 'error' you may wish to contact them one further time or by another method (telephone, post etc.) to confirm if it was a mistake and if they wish to be re-subscribed to your list.
  12. Posting the same or similar message to one or more newsgroups (excessive cross-posting or multiple-posting) is explicitly prohibited.

We reserve the right to charge for our time, system resources and any associated costs incurred dealing with complaints received from emails you send - typically a charge of £10 for each complaint we receive.